Buried Treasure Hair, Skin & Nails Plus – Single Serve Nutripacs


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Topical cosmetics don’t nourish your body from within. Lustrous hair, vibrant skin and strong nails are a result of the health tissues that form them. Ingredients include: – Phytoceramcide Complex: superior quality nutraceuticals in a bioavailable form with karatin proteins for hair, skin and nails. – Cynatine HNS by Roxlor: with zinc and copper complexes to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles also promotes firmness and elasticity in skin – Pycnogenol by Horphag Research: increase skin hydration and elasticity. Hair, Skin and Nails Plus expands the power of nourishment from within by combining the best nutraceuticals with Biotin, PABA, MSM, vitamins, minerals, whole foods and antioxidants.

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