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Digest Power from Bio Cleanse is one of the most effective and powerful herbal constipation remedies available. It contains 15 specially selected herbs that are all organic or wild-crafted. The herbs are picked at their potency to ensure they are the best. It is also included as a part of our Detox Kit.

It contains some of the most widely known Western and Ayurvedic herbs that have been used for thousands of years to assist people in cleansing their bodies. Digest Power is a completely natural constipation remedy and laxative, and contains no fillers or binders, just pure herbs.

The ratio of herbs is what makes this product so special, it is the result of years of research by our team, and we believe it is the best available. Don’t go without a bottle of this in your cupboard, you never know when you might need it, it’s probably one of the most useful home remedies you could have. Take it at the onset of a cold to help remove bacteria and viruses from the digestive tract, and flush the organs and lymphatic system of wastes.

The potency of our formula, or any formula for that matter, can be tested by opening a capsule and tasting it. If you try this you will find that Digest power is extremely bitter. This bitterness is what the body needs. The modern diet is devoid of bitter herbs, which used to be a natural part of our diet. This bitterness stimulates the liver to produce and secrete bile, and also the colon to work.

-Stimulates the colon, liver and organs to cleanse
-All Organic or Wild-crafted
-All natural herbal constipation remedy
-Extremely useful home remedy

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