Fitness elastic rope – Strength Training Kit -45 Pounds


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Ships from HongKong.Elastic rope training can replace the traditional dumbbell fitness equipment, through the training of resistance training way of the muscles of the body. Elastic rope specification:Black 30 pounds??Blue 25 pounds??Red 20 pounds??Green 15 pounds??Yellow 10 pounds??(Ms. lightweight version of 45 pounds) Through different training times and time, increases muscle and the purpose of weight loss, it is different from the traditional fitness equipment. Because it forces changes with the change of length. Whenever and wherever possible to enjoy fitness brought joy and shape change. Pull rope excuse a comprehensive upgrade to the mountaineering buckle interface make the movement more safety. The use of the product is absolutely safe, durable metal clasp, fitness and you can be assured that use. The multifunctional band irons, arbitrary.

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