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MANAGE Age Defiance

MANAGE Age Defiance is designed to work against the naturally falling levels of specific body chemistry that keep men young by helping your body make those things at more youthful levels on its own, without the aggressive stimulants found in most men’s performance products. No magic. No hype. Just science. It’s a common sense formula with the right combination of safe, natural ingredients working together to give your body an edge in staying fit, building muscle, and maintaining sexual performance.

All MANAGE products are made under rigorous quality standards in a GMP certified, FDA inspected, Certified Organic, green facility. Everything from an eco-friendly factory design to petroleum free plant resin bottles to using recycled or treeless paper, everything down to the lighting, is all considered in bringing you a responsible quality product.


In their 30s, all men begin a decline in testosterone production, elastin, mineral density, and multiple components of reproductive ability. These changes affect muscle mass, metabolic rate, the elastic tension of your skin and internal organs, bone strength, and contribute overall to limiting male sexual performance. These are the key targets in a program of making you feel better longer and keeping your body at its naturally optimum performance level. MANAGE Age Defiance is formulated to focus on these core aging issues and stabilize your body’s ability to do a little more of what it’s always done, inside and out, without stressing your body for spiked, temporary performance. You need more than a single booster. You need the combined nutrients that allow front-line ingredients to do what they’re meant to do.


DHEA is what’s known as a precursor hormone. It’s the first step in your body’s existing testosterone production chain and stimulates your body to increase that testosterone production naturally. Testosterone is responsible for muscle mass development, bone density, fat metabolism, prostate health, and sperm production. DHEA has been consistently proven effective in trial after trial and its inclusion in product after product. It’s distilled in potent strengths from diosgenin, found in abundance in wild yams. Our dose is 100 mg, the highest study-recommended dose for long term use.

MACA is an Andean plant of the brassica (mustard) family. It’s been anecdotally accepted to enhance sexual performance for ages and is regularly used in agriculture to increase fertility in livestock. That’s now validated by elevated hormone levels and increased semen parameters (health and quantity) in human clinical trials. Maca works in the background to gently enhance hormone levels and increase your libido nominally over time, which stimulates prostate and testicular performance and health. In studies this leads not only to increased desire, but also increased sperm motility accompanied by varying increases in prostate fluid, the primary fluid ingredient in semen. Our dose is 1,500 mg, the highest recommended level.

BIOTIN is vitamin B7, alternatively known as vitamin H. It’s sometimes used to treat mild cases of diabetes due to its key role in sugar metabolism and additionally contributes to digestive and nerve health. Biotin’s most notable effects are on cell growth, the production of fatty acids, the metabolism of fats and amino acids and its assistance in various metabolic reactions involving the transfer of carbon dioxide. Together, these contribute to stronger protein and elastin maintenance for healthier and stronger skin, nails and internal organs. Biotin is distilled from yeast and soybeans. The Recommended Daily Allowance of Biotin is small, but it looks for core maintenance. For Biotin to have a noticeable effect it needs a much higher dose and is perfectly safe to take at those higher levels. Our dose is 3,000 mcg (10,000% of the RDA).

VITAMIN D3 is one of the vitamin D family sun vitamins. It’s present in very few foods naturally and is a requirement of calcium absorption and proper bone mineralization. With increasing concerns about UV exposure and people spending less time in the sun where their bodies would naturally process vitamin D, getting D3 in particular becomes even more critical due to its importance in cell growth, neuromuscular function, and your body’s ability to naturally fight inflammation. The positive mood effects of vitamin D3 are also indisputable and are the primary driver of the booming natural light business. As it happens, you can get it this way too. Pure D3 is distilled from lanolin. There is no need to exceed the Recommended Daily Allowance of D3 for increased effect, just to make sure you’re getting it. Some of that should come from food and normal activity, or may be present in another supplement you’re taking. Our dose is 15 mcg (75% of the RDA).

MAGNESIUM is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, blood pressure regulation, structural bone development and the synthesis of DNA. It’s a requirement for everything else on this list to work effectively for you. Magnesium also inhibits crystal formation of calcium that can result in kidney stones, yet another fun part of getting on with life! Magnesium is abundant in healthy foods, so we purposely aren’t giving you the full daily dose. We’re aiming for just enough to make sure you’re getting an edge in the rest of these ingredients working in case you’re not getting it elsewhere. Raw magnesium is bonded to chelate for solubility and absorption. Our dose is 126 mg (30% of the RDA).

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