Toxin Remover – Fiber and Clay Blend


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Product Description

Our Toxin Remover shake effectively binds to toxins, mucoid plaque and debris in the colon to help cleanse your body and digestive system of wastes. The product is an integral part of our Oranic Detox Kit, but can be purchased separately to either take on occasions when you consumed something you would like to remove from your system, you would like a quick colon cleanse or to extend the Detox Kit (if someone has extra Digest power capsules).

The product comes as a powder and is mixed with apple juice or water. The taste is mild with a hint of ginger.

What Makes Our Product Special?
-Bentonite clay combined with the highest quality organic psyllium and ginger
-Psyllium helps to bulk the mixture and pull the clay through the colon
-Ginger helps stop bloating and remove parasites
-Pleasant flavor
-Bentonite mined in Italy from a very pure source
-One of the worlds smoothest and easiest to consume bentonite clays
-Perfect for psyllium bentonite (PSB) shakes
-Ultra fine grade clay

Why Is Bentonite So Good?
-Absorbs toxins from the body and safely removes them*
-Negatively charged and acts like a magnet, drawing positively charged particles into it (pathogens and heavy metals usually have a negative charge)*
-Remineralizes the body*
-Binds mucoid plaque and debris in the colon*
-750m_ (8072.9ft_) absorptive surface area per gram (0.035oz)

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